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Equipped with a nationally recognized staff of performance specialists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, doctors, chiropractors, coaches, Gyrotonic instructors, and former collegiate and professional athletes, Plex brings together a wide array of programs and services to enhance and improve your total physical well being. Whether you are an athlete trying to get to the next level, a patient recovering from orthopedic surgery, an injured weekend warrior, or an executive athlete looking to address the effects of mental stress and physical challenges of the business world today, Plex has a customized solution to help you rise to the next level.

Whether your injury is old or new, whether it happened in a weekend pick-up game or in the Super Bowl, we can help.
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With the creation of our patented Transitional Sports Therapy, our team is able to combine conventional physical therapy with sports performance training to minimize rehabilitation time and muscle loss due to any injury.  Simply put, "We don't just get you back on your feet, we get you back even better than you were before."  Our staff is composed of physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, sports performance specialists, nutritionists and others brought together to provide you with the best and most effective quality of service possible.  Plex also welcomes your insurance and offers in-network savings.
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We have designed the most respected and comprehensive programs for the elementary, junior high and high school athlete.  Each of our programs are individually designed for all sports, skill levels, and levels of competitive play.
In addition, all of our drills and exercises are both sport-specific, and position-specific. This means that we teach the athlete technique about their sport and position, not just how to jump high on a gym floor. In order to do this, we have hired coaches from a variety of sports in order to provide our athletes the best possible training.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on the fact that our principal quality is our ability to accomplish all of this in a positive, motivating and exciting environment.
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Taking your time and lifestyle into consideration, we have created the Plexecutive  Program where we evaluate your overall body composition, flexibility, strengths & weaknesses, past injuries, hobbies, interests, job requirements, and nutritional knowledge & experiences, and create a program that will give you the greatest opportunity to have more energy, live pain free, lose body fat, and live a healthier lifestyle.
Our adult programs are a combination of programs based on the same training methodologies that we offer to our professional athletes.








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With the experience of working with over 1000 professional athletes, Plex and Danny Arnold have raised the bar in an industry that is so vital for the performance of the athlete.  The success has come because of the continued efforts from all departments at Plex, sports performance, sports medicine, sports nutrition and Danny Arnold's pursuit for perfection, to continue to be on cutting edge and innovative when working with the best of the best.
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