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Come'On Is Coffee "Really" Bad For You?

In any major city worldwide, you can't take two steps without passing several coffee shops. But health-conscious java lovers want to know: Is a regular caffeine habit good for your health, or should you cut back?

Overall, the morning beverage gets superfood status in most nutritionists books. It's overflowing with antioxidants and potential health benefits. The catch? It's all about drinking the right amount.

Regularly drinking coffee may help you live longer. It may prevent Parkinson's disease, depression, and type 2 diabetes, plus promote a healthy heart and liver. It even comes with performance-enhancing benefits. Coffee has been shown to help push you further during exercise, whether it's cardio or weight training. How does it work? The caffeine makes the amount of effort you're putting in seem lower than usual, so you go harder without even noticing. It also boosts focus and extends the amount of time before you feel fatigued.