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Is Cryotherapy The Answer?

With training at an all-time high for athletes, and even those just trying to get in shape, recovery needs to be put as a high interest too. Houston's KHOU's Matt Musil has heard about the new revolutionary recovery method for athletes and execs alike, cryotherapy, and today he get all his questions answered and journeys to 220 degrees below zero.

What does Cryotherapy do:

  • Decreases fatigue, soreness and inflammation

  • Decreases injury recovery time

  • Accelerates recovery and improves performance

  • Boosts the immune system and energy while limiting colds and flu

  • Reduces chronic pain and chronic fatigue while activating natural biological regeneration

  • Burns up to 1,000 calories while accelerating metabolism and reducing cellulite

  • Reduces stress and anxiety while improving overall mood

  • View the videos below to see and hear what experts are saying of the Cryotherapy experience.

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