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Don't Blame The Game, Blame The Training.

Every football season, more and more injuries are occurring; at every level. It’s happening so much that hearing about a season ending injury is now a daily norm. Is it that the game is getting so much rougher, hard-hitting? Maybe so, but there has also been numerous of rules put in place to make it safer too, so why so many more injuries? We need to start looking outside, or before, of where and when the injuries are taking place. Maybe the injury that occurred on the field wasn’t the fault of the play, maybe the injury was because of something that took place during their off-season training program?

Wow, could the off-season or pre-season training be at fault?

In past, off-season or pre-season consisted of lifting basic weights, doing some running and playing some football. As of late, off-season or pre-season programs have changed dramatically. With the rise of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, more and more athletes, and yes coaches & trainers too, are doing things that aren’t always for the best interest of the athlete, to the contrary, they’re doing things that may get them more likes or retweets. For example, doing a box jump (plyometric exercise) onto a 24 inch box isn’t going to grab much attention, it may not get you a single like or retweet, but doing a box jump onto an extremely high box will. Problem is, the second type of jump that got you the likes and retweets, placed a great deal of pressure, and possible damage, on the knee ligaments and cartilage. Another example is the extreme weights that athletes are lifting. If your a high school athlete going against other athletes that weigh between 150 to 250 pounds, why do you strive to squat over 400 pounds, bench press a house, or curl an enormous amount of chains? Is it to earn your name on the wall, get a t-shirt telling the world your in the bench press club? In either case, like the previous example, your doing more harm than good to yourself.