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You Do Stupid, Stupid Happens

First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Joshua Mileto. But this should have never had happen. Ignorance is to blame. As the summer has been taking place, this year in particular, I've worked with so many high school athletes, in particular football, and now with my partnership with Texas HS, College & NFL Football l in a advisor and instructional role, I've invested and done more due diligence than ever before on the training, rehab and nutritional status, or lack of, in Texas high school football. And I extremely disturbed. What happen to Joshua shouldn't have happen. These kids are doing Navy Seals type drills, for what? They're going to play football, not go to war. They need to be doing football developing drills, not something for grown-ass people. The ignorance, and lack of knowing how ignorant some coaches are, and the fact that we give them so much power with our beloved children, if frightening. This has to change. Open your eyes, ask more questions, and demand answers on why coaches do so many ill advised drills. We cannot have anymore tragedies like this occur.