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Cryotherapy Really Works?

How does it work and does it really work? In simplest form, Whole Body Cryotherapy works by tricking the body into believing it will freeze. The brain makes the body draw blood from the limbs and rush it to the core, then it rushes out after your session is done (normal sessions is approximately 2 to 3 minutes long) expanding capillaries and white blood cells by up to 400 percent, oxygenating the blood and releasing toxins! Endorphins and a natural anti-inflammatory provide energy, skin rejuvenation and pain relief, while burning up to 800 calories per session!

Sounds too good to be true, well it gets better. For most that regularly visit the cryo chamber (average of 2 to 3 sessions a week), they are seeing the best results in coming from their ability to sleep better. This in the medical world could be the most beneficial aspect of the cryo because we all know that when the body rests and is able to get REM (rapid eye movement) you will have much more benefits the next than without.

Do doctors believe in it? Absolutely. So much that the leading expert, the one that every top NFL, MLB, NBA player and team turns to when it comes to medical advise, Dr. Jams Andrews, has now opened up his own cryotherapy center.

Now this technology is available to the public. Clinics are opening up all across the country and are catering to the general public.

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