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best sports training and physical therapy

When: Saturday, February 29

from 1:00pm thru 3:00pm

Where: Plex (click for map)

Come engage in an educational afternoon geared towards those passionate about running!

Expand your running knowledge and learn from credible, local sources about a variety of running related topics covering everything from running injuries and treatments to nutrition and proper footwear.


Make sure to RSVP to be eligible to win prizes such as free injury assessments, personalized training sessions with our award-winning Plex Team, Plex gear, Muscle-Maker Grill Gift Cards, and so much more! 


Topics Include:


Alternative Treatments

Come learn from a well experienced and credible physician about PRP injections, stem cell therapy, and their effects on pain reduction.


Nutrition - Can we have a diet / meal plan we can follow? And what diets are dumb and a waste of time?

What is the ideal pre-workout or post-workout food or drink? Director of Plex, Danny Arnold, will share his knowledge on sports nutrition and hydration, breakdown they way we should eat, in a realistic and approachable manner.

Muscle Maker Grill will also be providing samples from their restaurant menu!


Running Shoes

How do you know which running shoes are right for you? Come learn from Texas Running Company about all the different categories of shoes and have a gait and running analysis to determine which one might be best for your feet!

Orthotics, can they be the answer to all my foot, or even back problems? Does my insurance cover the costs?

Have you thought about getting inserts for your shoes? Come see a demonstration on the process Plex Physical Therapy uses to customize orthotics for your specific foot and physical activity needs! 

Get your pressure points of your feet measured in about 30 seconds, all for free too!


Running Injuries for the recreational to professional runner.

Do you have a running injury or want to prevent one? Come find out what might be causing or contributing to your knee pain! Learn which foam roll, stretching, and strengthening techniques work best for you.


CBD oil

Do you want an alternative to pain medication? Come learn from the owner of Elevated Wellness about different products that can help decrease pain and inflammation! And don't take his word for it, try the product during the seminar and you tell us your thoughts.

It's Free

(but limited numbers, so please rsvp below)

"The seminars Plex puts on are great! They are extremely educational and contain useful information."

- Past Seminar Attendee 

"What I love about these seminars is participants can ask questions, hear real opinions, and get recommendations on products and services without it feeling like a sales ad."

- Danny Arnold / Director at Plex 




For years Plex has been a leader in training and rehabilitation, and Cadillac features this accomplishment by featuring Plex.
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